How To Crochet A Snowflake Free Tutorial

How To Crochet A Snowflake Free Tutorial

Hello Crochet Lovers!

Today we are going to learn how to crochet a Snowflake. This one is from my Christmas collection. I have many more in my plans and I will share with you day by day. This time we learn how to make a snowflake. This tutorial is very simple and the final product is not only beautiful but also very useful. You can use it as a decoration and also as a coaster. Snowflake coasters will be perfect for a Christmas table. Santa will appreciate it as well 😉

I loved it! Hope you will love it as much as I did. Scroll down to see the video. And don’t forget to come back for more tutorials like this.

How To Crochet A Snowflake Free Tutorial


Source – Claudetta Crochet 



  1. I can’t find the link for the tutorial for making the snow flakes. I really want to make these, they are so pretty. Could you send it to me possibly?

  2. Just was looking for last minute decorations and found these snowflakes!!! Thank you very much, I thought I would put them on the presents after I wrap them. Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!!

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