How To Crochet A Summer Top

How To Crochet A Summer Top

Hello Crochet Lovers!

Today I want to share with you yet another summer top tutorial. Yes, I read your comments and always try to consider your opinion. So as I understood by your comments and messages you LOVED summer top tutorials. I shared with you some different designs for summer tops and found one more amazing trendy design! Don’t miss this chance it’s one of the most amazing feelings when you wear clothes that are made by YOU. And everybody asks you where you bought it or say that it’s super pretty. ( and trust me they will) And when you say that it’s just an hour long crochet project that you made everybody is shocked! Yeap, best feeling ever! So don’t hesitate, just do it!

Enjoy! Hope you will love it as much as I did. Can’t wait to see your final results. Scroll down to see the video. And don’t forget to come back for more tutorials like this.

How To Crochet A Summer Top


Source – Amanda Love Santos



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